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Wailers Return To FalmoutH!

Falmouth international Sea Shanty Festival

22th Jun 2018 - 24th Jun 2018

Venues and timings are subject to change.  Other venues and performances may be added

7 – 8pm              Palacio Lounge
10 – 11pm          Toast

PLUS We will also be making apperences at:
5 – 7pm             Buffet & opening ceremony in events square

2 – 11pm           Singaround         Seven Stars
2 – 11pm           Singaround         5 Degrees West
1  -  2.15pm       Cutty Sark
3.30 – 4.45pm    The Stable
8.30 – 9.45        Seasalt Stage, Events Sq


1 – 2pm              Prince of Wales
4 – 7pm   (tbc)    Finale, Skinners Stage


Once again the popular Sea Shanty crew, The Wellington Wailers will be representing Sussex at The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival 2018  This is the fifteenth year of the festival.
The 2018 festival, showcases many fine performances of Shanty groups from, not only around Britain. but also from around the world. This is one of the finest locations for such an event, which is also one of the biggest natural harbours in the world.

The Wellington Wailers will be performing at many sites around the town, from early Friday evening, both formally and very possibly, informally.

Our Latest CD is "High Seas and Low Life" Contact us if you wish to purchase a copy Each purchase will include a donation to the RNLI!

Details of the 2018 Festival are shown here!

Hope to see ye there!  Ahaaaaargh!

A great time was had by all at the fantastic International Sea Shanty festivals that we were guesting in (2014-2017). For more photo's of festivals and other snips and snaps (not all flattering!) see our gallery page. 



This is a great festival and makes a wonderful setting for a family holiday.  See the Falmouth website!




Details of the 2019 Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival Will appear here!