The WEllington Wailers at the BBC


Fresh from our success at last month's “International Sea Shanty Festival”, held yearly in Falmouth in Cornwall, “The Wellington Wailers” were invited to perform, live, on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey. This was aired as part of a programme “Sea Sunday” which was broadcast on the morning of Sunday 14th. The theme was dedicated to those that make their living off of the sea.
Emily Jeffery, of the BBC, invited the Wailers Captain, Ian Bush, to briefly interpret the origins of sea shanties and how they were used, on board of the old sailing ships, to encourage the sailors to coordinate their efforts in rhythm, whilst hauling ropes, or manning the pumps or capstan.
This was followed by nine of the Wailers singing a couple of sea shanties. Emily also quizzed Ian on how and why the Wailers were formed and whether sea shanties had recently undergone a resurrection courtesy of the movie “Fisherman's Friends”. “The Wellington Wailers” came into being over six years ago and have, in fact, met and performed along with the “Fisherman's Friends” at The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival over the past few years.
You can hear the BBC interview for the next three or four weeks on BBC Sounds app Search for Emily Jeffery on Sunday Breakfast Show 14 Jul 19 or click A couple of videos of us from the studio can be found on BBC Radio Sussex Facebook page. and our own Wellington Wailers Facebook page.

We were delighted also, that last year, Mark Radcliffe played a track or two from our last CD ‘High Tide and Low Life’ on The Folk Show on BBC Radio 2…. and prior to that, we were shown on ‘Songs of Praise’ on BBC ONE TV from Falmouth International Folk Festival! But none of this has gone to our heads!

Emily Jeffery Presenter - BBC Sussex pic from BBC

Emily Jeffery Presenter - BBC Sussex pic from BBC

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