This page is for the signals we get from you, our unsuspecting audiences:

We value your feedback through bunting, emails, letters and conversations. 

Lets hear from you if we have:

  • invaded your local pub
  • took the stage at a festival you were enjoying
  • heard us on the radio
  • Seen us at an act in a private function
  • sung in your street or
  • heard one of our CD's! 

Let us know if you wish to add a comment via Contact on this web site. Ahaaaargh!

Letters and comments will appear below;

From Andy Sinclair
Finally got 'round to listening to your CD after receiving it last week -  it's excellent!
Heard about you thanks to Mark Radcliffe playing you on his show the other week.
Splice the mainbrace!

From Karen Bashford
Hi, I have just purchased the cd, VIA PAYPAL I look forward to receiving this lovely set of songs for my hubbies Xmas present. He is a family member of the fishing family of Bashfords from Worthing, and I know he will love it. Our details are: Mrs K Bashford

From Nattie Rogers
I would like to purchase 2 of your CDs please after hearing a song of yours played on radio 2 folk show. Many thanks Nattie Rogers

From Aaron Courtenay
Just heard a track from your new CD on BBC radio the other night and thought it was great - track featured was Paddy Lay back.
Please advise how I can get a copy of the CD. I checked iTunes but is not showing. Happy to receive by post if you can advise payment options.
Thanks and regards, Aaron Courtenay

From Anthony Carroll
I would like to order TWO copies of your latest CD. (Heard it on Radio 2 Folk Show.) Please advise how to pay (Paypal is OK.) . Many thanks.

From Stuart Black
How do I get a copy of it ? I live in Spain

From Matt Tymus
How do I get your album?

From Jennifer Roberts Hello, can you let me know how I get hold of your CD please. Just heard one of your songs on Radio 2 and loved it. Thanks Jennifer

From Laurie Brown
Hi Guys, I heard your performance of Paddy Lay Back last night on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show and I found it so energetic and fun I had to track it down! I'm dying to hear more but I don't actually have a CD player any more as I only stream music. I couldn't find any way to buy your new album digitally, is this something you have considered at all? I might recommend BandCamp as it allows you to set a minimum price for the digital album. Would love to listen to more of your music soon if you decide to add a streaming option!,Thanks and keep making music!, Laurie Brown

From Steve Crick
I heard you on Folk show last night, and would like to order your new CD. Please advise

We had many more like the messages above after we appeared on Mark Radcliffe's Folk Show on BBC Radio 2

From Suzanne Heaven  
‘If ever you want to combine the fun of skilled traditional sea shanty singers with one of the nicest group of guys ever I suggest you invite The Wellington Wailers to give you a wonderful mix of tradition and giggle.Planning for The Shoreham Riverfest 2016 involved many months of work - throughout this time the WW were consistent positive supporters helping with fabulous performances both pre event and doing a double appearance at Riverfest yesterday.Captain Mike Green was actually voted Captain Riverfest!! His duties did involve the tough job of doing a pirate Zumba with Miss Great Britain Finalist Lucy Richardson which I would say was one of my favourites things over the whole event - only just stopped chuckling!!”

— Suzanne Heaven

Immortalised in song?

St. Georges Day Tour Song 2015
Composed by Sheila Hawkes of Sompting Village Morris

(To be sung to the tune of 'Donkey Riding')
Out on a Morris tour today, thru' the country and far away, past the bluebell woods so gay
With The Welly Wailers.

Hey ho away we go, shanty singing shanty singing,
Hey ho away we go, singing with the Wailers

The Lipscomb family did this tour, we needed just a few folk more, guys who wouldn’t be a bore,
YES! The Wellie Wailers

Hey ho away we go, shanty singing shanty singing,
Hey ho away we go, singing with the Wailers

We love dancing all day long, dancing first, an occasional song, then The Wailers came along
Singing at top volume!

Hey ho away they go, shanty singing shanty singing,
Hey ho away they go, singing with the Wailers

The Lord of Misrule came along, upside down and doing wrong, its just Mickey Mouse who sings a song
With the Wellie Wailers

Hey ho away he goes, shanty singing shanty singing,
Hey ho away he goes, singing with the Wailers

So thank you Wailers we still want more, of songs of the sea and fishing lore
Next time its YOUR turn to do the tour, Sompting Morris and Wellie Wailers

Hey ho away we'll go, shanty singing shanty singing,
Hey ho away we'll go, singing with the Wailers

Falmouth (46).JPG